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Private Sessions

A wide range of private lessons are offered and catered specifically to you. One-on-one sessions are a unique opportunity to dive deeper into your questions, address the area of needs, and implement tools to for further growth.

  • Mindfulness meditation, you will learn the tools to develop a meditation practice on your own and how to incorporate mindfulness into daily life for a greater sense of stress reduction, attentional stability and well-being.
  • Yoga sessions are designed to help will transform your awareness and relationship you have with your body. Based on alignment movement principles you will learn tools to take your practice to the next level.


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Corporate Sessions

The vital component of any healthy company is to help ensure the well-being of its employees. If desk work, stress, injury, and other job related components have become a factor of productivity levels, creating an environment for yoga and/or mindfulness classes can help. Contact me for more information about a Mindfulness Meditation or Mindful Yoga Program at your workplace.

Group Sessions

Looking to build camaraderie or a fun environment with friends or family? A group class offers the ability to explore yoga in a setting that allows for freedom and connection. From bridal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, family holidays, kid yoga birthday parties, a group class can be held in all environments to explore the benefits and joy of the practice.


Mindfulness Meditation Donation Classes! Click here for details. (This event has passed, stay tuned for updates)

Teens need a place for learning that goes beyond the studies of a textbook. For the past 16 years, I have witnessed an increase of teen anxiety, sleep deprivation, learning disabilities, unhappiness, lack of motivation, and other aspects of disruption that directly impact one’s ability to learn. The implementation of Mindful Yoga & Meditation for students as a component of the physical education curriculum, has allowed teens to achieve hands on experience in social and emotional intelligences by the development of: personal tools to navigate challenges, a reduction of impulsivity, increased patience, improved focus, and how to acquire greater compassion and self-acceptance.

The Mindful Yoga & Meditation project is a labor of love with the hopes of empowering youth to make a heart-minded connection to personal growth and development in order to be catalysts for peace, creativity, and positive change as global citizens. Donations are welcome and appreciated which help directly impact student growth through mindful experiences, yoga and meditation props, trainings, field trips, textbooks, and other resources to foster student project-based learning.

To help show your support for mindfulness and yoga curriculum projects, please donate below:



Discover an opportunity to let go of an active mind and practice how slowing down thoughts can lead to a place of grounding, deep peace, and higher levels of awareness. Show up as you are and learn how unconditional mindful presence can reduce stress while opening the inner gateways of compassion and gratitude.

You & the Mat Laguna Niguel, CA


Alignment based vinyasa connecting movements of the body to enhance energy and improve flexibility while building heat and strength the body for full range of motion. Techniques will focus on breath and mindful movement for individual practitioners to invite the opportunity of discovering a sense of feeling centered and awake. Modifications and props are encouraged to use making this class safe, accessible and appropriate for all levels. (nonheated)

Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo, CA


Yoga Happy Hour is as refreshing as a cool summer drink. Explore and have fun with new shapes and sequences that will send you off feeling lighthearted and joyful. Cheers!

StudioAPilates & Yoga Dana Point, CA


A class created for anyone wanting to increase their range of motion, loosen up from their regular workout, or find a deeper edge to their yoga practice. You’ll notice a difference by the end of class. (non-heated)

You & the Mat Laguna Niguel, CA