Mindful May Meditation Series

Saturday’s May: 6th, 13th, & 20th


7:45am – 8:45am

You & the Mat Laguna Niguel, CA

Donation-based classes to benefit Mindful Yoga & Meditation in Schools


(day of class: credit card, cash or donate below)

How do you relate to uncertainty? Feel overwhelmed by constant thought and powerful emotions? Ever wonder how meditation can help create an awareness that leads to a deeper sense of peace and purpose?  

Join a community willing to learn and apply mindful awareness techniques that will help strengthen personal clarity and restore balance to everyday living. Mindfulness creates space to dissolve negativity  that interferes with growth, acceptance, and inner peace. All are welcome to embark on the journey to greater compassion, awareness, and rediscovery.

Series Includes: 

Week 1 (May 6): Connection to Present Awareness

  • Explore the calming relationship between breath and consciousness
  • Learn how to observe, feel, and bring attention to body sensations

Week 2 (May 13): Meditation Tools

  • Discover techniques to support your meditation progress
  • Acquire personal tools to help release habits of negative thoughts and emotions

Week 3 (May 20): Implementation of Self-Care

  • Cultivate a practice of gratitude, peace, love, and compassion
  • Develop a relationship to personal insight and positive outcomes

Mindful May Meditation Series classes are donation based (suggested donation $10) with proceeds to benefit the Capistrano Valley High School Mindful Yoga and Meditation Curriculum project in southern Orange County.

Teens are greatly affected by stress, technology addiction, pressure, lack of focus, depression and other learning disabilities. Your help contributes to the positive effects of mindful yoga and meditation which improves academic achievement, resilience, compassion, greater self-confidence, creativity, self-discipline, focus, and acceptance. 

Your generous donations are appreciated and help directly impact student growth through mindful experiences, yoga and meditation props, trainings, field trips, textbooks, and other resources to foster student project-based learning.

Contact me with any questions: christycurtisyoga@gmail.com

Student work samples of final reflections after one semester of yoga:

Yoga Final Essay

        Over the course of the semester in yoga, I have learned many valuable lessons, important views on life, and of course, how to practice yoga. In the future, I plan on using these lessons throughout my life and focusing on the positive things. In this class I have learned to appreciate what and who I have around me. I think this new-found appreciation will stay with me for the rest of my life and help me to not take anything for granted. Also in this class, I have learned that when in a stressful or strenuous situation, you should just stop, breathe, and relax. By focusing on your breathing it automatically makes you calm and content, and helps you to think clearly. I think with this in my life, I will be able to make better decisions and treat people more fairly. I will incorporate these things in my life through my decision-making and most importantly my attitude towards things and people. I will try my hardest to keep my head up and always have a positive outlook on things no matter how hard the situation may be or seem. I believe this class and yoga in general has given me the gift of being happier and focusing on the people that make me a better person. I hope that this will continue throughout my life and I will always be able to remember where it started from. Lastly, I plan on practicing yoga and bringing it into my life more as a whole. I think this will allow me to really push out of my comfort zone and learn more about myself. Overall, yoga has really impacted my life in a healthy and positive way.

Yoga In My Everyday Life

     Yoga has helped me prevent injury during my lacrosse season. This was the main reason I took yoga in the first place. Eventually I learned how to apply it to everyday life. With these things I’ve learned I will apply it in 3 major ways.

     Lifestyle one: what, how, and when I eat greatly affects me and therefore I must supply it with as much unprocessed foods as possible, but moderation is key. It’s okay to have an ice cream (especially during the summer) but I need to make sure that’s not all that consumes me.

     Lifestyle two: Breathing is the only constant thing I have in life. Breathe deeply. This has especially helped me during cardio. I will learn to breathe when times get tough this summer. My mother is having a baby and maybe I might try something adventurous, like cliff jumping! I will remind myself to breathe constantly.

     Lifestyle three: Know what makes me happy and pushes me forward to do good things and what brings me down to the wrong path. This year has been a hard year but eventually everything lands in place and happiness is here and in my future :). I am very grateful for the opportunity to take yoga and look forward to it take it next year. These memories and lessons I’ll take with me through life and definitely through this summer.