Yoga Guide

A forever student of the practice, Christy fuels her classes with a passion to guide practitioners on a journey of discovery and inquiry. She offers exploration to the edges of awareness in order to find moments of pause, while making authentic connections to self and others. She creates space and time for practitioners of all levels to learn, apply, and absorb the endless benefits of the yoga practice on and off the mat.

As an avid traveling yogini, seeker of knowledge, and spiritual explorer, she has learned from multiple disciplines of yoga that are directly embedded into her offerings as a teacher. Through Yoga Alliance 200-hr teacher training, Annie Carpenter 300-hr SmartFlow, and multiple workshops from various instructors, she has guided practitioners in studio, private, and corporate sessions as well as being a presenter at Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass. Christy’s classes offer edge, insight, and smiles to remind us that life is captured by how we live each moment on and off the mat.

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator

Like many other ‘busy-minded’ individuals, Christy has suffered from the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety. Her personal experience of transformation and healing through meditation and mindfulness has created a life dedicated to the service of others. As a public school educator since 2001, Christy’s has been witness to the rise of stress, trauma, and disconnection in teens and adults. This prompted her advocacy to teach yoga and mindfulness in the public school system in Orange County, CA.

As a former collegiate athlete, Christy discovered the feeling often associated with meditation or “flow in-the-zone” state of mind. This piqued her curiosity to seek other avenues to access calm and present awareness. The quest for inquiry led Christy to teach yoga, which grew her expansion into the world of meditation. Christy is a meditation guide and mindfulness coach, on the mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training Pathway, and is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher.  Since 2009, she has shared the gifts of meditation and mindfulness in workshops, classes, and retreats with thousands of individuals including: children and youth, college students, working adults, educators, parents, elderly, and professional athletes.

As a mindfulness educator, Christy creates an opportunity for individuals to unlock personal doors for healing and self-awareness.  Sharing the practice of mindfulness comes from a place of heartfelt intentions to create a meaningful shift into the access of happiness, compassion, and connection for all beings.

Live Happy. Be Free. Find Your Center.


Christy teaches public and private classes, workshops, and retreats that will transform how you feel about your body and approach to choices that effect daily life. Christy teaches in a way that assists all levels of practitioners in yoga and meditation while offering insight to help take your practice into the next level.


Yoga serves as a gateway to discovery from the inside out. This is a practice that allows the practitioner to show up just as they are with an unwavering acceptance of limitless possibilities for the body, mind, and heart to unveil and connect.

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