Yoga serves as a gateway to discovery from the inside out. This is a practice that allows the practitioner to show up just as they are with an unwavering acceptance of limitless possibilities for the body, mind, and heart to unveil and connect.


After years of holding back my voice, thoughts and truth, I decided to do my personal work and share matters that affected me in everyday life. From that, my blog posts became an outlet to share in being heard as a person who knows what it’s like to live in fear (and it’s a shitty place to be). Writing has helped me remember that we are never alone and sharing lessons of joy and pain has connected me to greater freedom, others, and unveil mysteries of myself.

2807, 2016

Gateway of Connection

I did not realize how disconnected from myself I was until experiencing a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat last November. Sitting for longer than two [...]

2807, 2016

Breath Awareness

Can you FEEL your BREATH?  The following guided meditation will help identify and create a relationship with your breath. Find a comfortable place to sit, close [...]

3005, 2016

Barefoot Emergance

Happy feet...toes in the earth.   Recently, I stopped living from a place of what was familiar by spending a few moments of [...]

2205, 2016

Tears…of Joy

  A memory was jolted back to life when talking about why we don’t cry enough with an estranged acquaintance. This flooding memory made me [...]

404, 2016

Challenge is Freedom

Challenge Is Freedom   Listening to a recent Sounds True podcast interview with Heatherash Amara, my perception of challenge has been altered forever. Usually when [...]

2403, 2016

Yoga for a Healthy Heart

It was an honor to share the additional benefits of yoga with the California State Firemen's Association in the March edition of CFSA. Thank you! http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/csfa/csfayoga0312.htm [...]

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