6-week Class Series Mindfulness: Awareness, Stress Reduction, and Well-Being

Science continues to prove the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation to include: Improved concentration and attention Ability to handle stress more effectively Boosts mood and sense of aliveness for an overall increase in baseline happiness Greater feelings of equanimity and contentment Increased compassion for yourself and others Internal emotional stability and clarity Gains in cognitive functions and longevity If you are in a place to explore a new way of living, to bring a sense of ease, fulfillment, and reduced stress into daily life, take the six-week journey to help rediscover your ability to just "BE" a human being in a [...]

January – February 2018 Mindfulness & Mindful Eating Workshop Info

2018 Mindfulness Workshops & Classes

2018 Mindfulness Workshops and Classes I am excited to share the principles and practices of mindfulness with you! My focus of instruction is specifically on the study of stress reduction through the practice of mindfulness. I have participated in and completed the UMass Center for Mindfulness MBSR Fundamentals in MBSR, taught by Senior Teachers at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at UMASS Medical School. Additionally, this opened another doorway for the opportunity to complete the Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training  (MB-EAT) program with registered dietitian and MB-EAT instructors. The implementation of mindfulness meditation has transformed my [...]

Yoga Nidra 2018: Revive health, restore the body, and consciously create!

Dedicate 2018 to REVIVE health and RESTORE the body! Yoga Nidra is the practice of deep relaxation that rejuvenates the body and mind, returning the practitioner to a profound state of emotional balance and well-being.  Embark on a guided meditation journey inside your physical and energetic (subtle) bodies to help clear the mind as you restore personal power and energy to heal yourself.    Each individual workshop will include: • Brief history, physiology, and science of Yoga Nidra • Guided Yoga Nidra practice • Opportunity for discussion, Q & A Come in comfortable clothes. Please bring a pillow or two for your comfort. Mats and blankets provided. No yoga experience is required. Contact [...]

Yoga Nidra & Self Healing Workshop

Give yourself the gift of experiencing deep conscious relaxation to offer balance and well-being into daily life. This practice will not only assist you in surviving the holiday season, but will help you thrive into the New Year! Yoga Nidra Studio A photo credit: 7pixelsphotography Paul Cook

Mindfulness: Meditation & Mindful Living Workshop

photo: @paulcook.7pixelphotography Making time to slow down is the best gift we can give ourselves. With the amount of chaos and unsettledness life presents, mindfulness meditation creates moments to pause and return each of us home...back to our humanity. This workshop will offer immediate tools to reveal into awareness and unlock a deeper sense of well-being. Guidance shared to help you experience an immediate awareness into the present moment, and unveil the ability to create calm, clarity, better health, improved sleep, more joy in relationships, and a deeper sense of connection. SIGN UP: http://www.studioapilates.yoga/class-schedules/ DONATION: $10

Yoga Nidra: Self-Healing with Deep Conscious Relaxation

Workshop: Yoga Nidra @Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo Life in low-grade anxiety. Life on auto-pilot. Life without balance. Sound familiar? Well, this is just a part of my story. It took curiosity and the willingness to look deeper into myself to restore the imbalances. After being certified by Dr.Marc Halpern and the CA College of Ayurveda in the practice of Yoga Nidra, the experience is a testament to self-healing, which has elevated my awareness and the ability to LET GO! Taking gentle care of the mind and body, together as one, has been a priceless gift. I encourage [...]

Connecting With Silence

After completing a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in November 2015, and returning home with life changing breakthroughs of heightened awareness, love, and insight, I wanted to investigate a bit further. This led me to spend the last week of my winter holiday on a 5-day silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree, CA. It took being submerged in an environment without daily habits, tendencies, and noise to embrace the powerful act of living. The removal of talking, eye contact, reading, writing, and technology brought my senses, awareness, and overall presence ALIVE. For a moment during the silent retreat, I was completely connected with the desert landscape and thought, “I could be [...]

@Skinnyonbeauty OC Live Talk Radio Guest Appearance

@Skinnyonbeauty It was an absolute honor to be a guest interviewer with @skinnyonbeauty to share personal discoveries on the path of yoga from the inside out. We discussed my journey of how meditation and mindfulness can transform all aspects of life and provide tools to combine these powerful elements for a better way of living, connection, and authentic purpose. Skinny on Beauty: www.theskinnyonbeauty.com Skinny on Beauty Blog: http://theskinnyonbeauty.com/beauty/finding-peace-on-off-your-mat-with-christy-curtis Sign Up for the Skinny on Beauty Podcast: https://theskinnyonbeauty.podbean.com/          

You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be

This statement can be extremely difficult to wrap one’s head around when feelings of isolation, sadness, depression, anger, fear, anxiousness or anything else in life that presents itself as less than optimal happens to show up. After hearing these words “you are exactly where you need to be,” at a time when I was struggling to find any kind of joy in my life, I found myself desperate enough to actually embrace it. What if I was exactly where I needed to be? At that time, I was exhausted from a job that took over my life, was alone on [...]

Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe I was a freshman in high school waiting for volleyball practice to begin after school when two of the popular varsity girls were sitting above my best friend and me in the bleachers. We could hear them snicker about our volleyball skill level, hand-me down pit stained uniforms, weight, and other humiliating topics of high school-minded drama. Too shy and fearful to speak up for myself, I absorbed their hurtful words with tears welling in my eyes. Moments later, I felt a wet, sticky drip from the top bleacher where the girls were seated fall on the [...]

Mindful Meditation Made Easy

"Mindfulness" is a hot ticket when it comes to finding a way to create a moment of pause in our busy, hectic and chaotic lives. If you are looking for a way that doesn't require you to go anywhere, pay anything, and participate during your time schedule, then take a listen to my mindful body scan meditation below. This is a follow up MP3 from my yoga & meditation retreat held in Idyllwild, CA earlier this month. Give your mind, body, and heart a break by finding stillness. Embark on what it means to listen and feel from the inside [...]


MONKEY MIND CHATTER? LIVE FREE MEDITATION CONFERENCE CALL WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH 7:30pm (PST) There is no experience necessary; just the ability to listen, breathe, and create time to pause. Tap in to the inner resource of connection, insight, and wisdom that is waiting to be rediscovered. (712)775-7035 access code: 156776# Q&A to help offer suggestions on how to begin your own personal practice of mindfulness and meditation will follow the 20-minute meditation session. Please help SHARE this message and INVITE others to embrace a mindful shift with this free opportunity. Call will begin recording at 7:30pm, so please call in by 7:25pm [...]

Finding Pause

  How are you currently showing up to life?                         Go for a walk. Take a breath. Feel the sunshine.  Do some yoga. Sound familiar? Especially when life gets heavy and these are the adages shared to help "clear the mind" and "make space." I walk and do yoga frequently for this reason but have realized just how much of my time is spent thinking in a variety of directions when trying to gain insight and clarity; it feels similar to the motion I find myself in [...]

Open Up to Mindful Awareness

"We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize " ~Thich Nhat Hanh Take a moment to connect and hear what mindful awareness can offer from my recording below:)

Yoga Staycation

YOGA STAYCATION SEPTEMBER 24 -25 RENAISSANCE CLUB SPORT ALISO VIEJO Yoga Instructors leading Renaissance Staycation: (left to right): Christy Curtis, Jill Harvey, Erin O'Malley, Audri Geary   Each day experience two workshops on different topics with lecture followed by physical practice. Between workshops you will be treated with a light, healthy, freshly prepared lunch out at the patio cabanas with your new yoga family. September 24 - 25, 2016 Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo CA Members $199 ~ NonMembers $249 Please contact Carolyn for more details at 949-330-5506 or register at the club desk at 949-330-5560.

Gateway of Connection

I did not realize how disconnected from myself I was until experiencing a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat last November. Sitting for longer than two minutes at a time did not resonate with an ounce of my being since movement is what I do as a learner, teacher, and doer in this life. But constant movement and continuous busyness ran a direct line of interference with what my body and soul needed in order to awaken with a revived sense of self, energy, and purpose. Going into Vipassana, I had already tried to talk myself out of it. What excuse [...]

Breath Awareness

Can you FEEL your BREATH?  The following guided meditation will help identify and create a relationship with your breath. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and allow yourself to hear what the breath offers.

Barefoot Emergance

Happy feet...toes in the earth.   Recently, I stopped living from a place of what was familiar by spending a few moments of my day walking barefoot in the grass. The sun was out, time was not an issue, and the grass looked overly inviting. So I indulged. Immediately, my body was flooded with the simple thought of how damn good it feels to be barefoot—moist, warm, squishy earth, tickling blades of grass between toes…ahhhh, I have been missing out! But as a creature of habit, I know that familiar is safe and I can't recall the last [...]

Tears…of Joy

  A memory was jolted back to life when talking about why we don’t cry enough with an estranged acquaintance. This flooding memory made me think, why don’t we cry more? Not just for pain and hurt, but for joy, love, hope, and connection? My first tears of joy occurred during the summer of 2014. I was 34 years old, on the last day of a solo month travel in Bali. The day was out of a storybook where every thought that appeared in mind became a tangible reality. But there was a quiet, special moment when I emerged onto [...]

Challenge is Freedom

Challenge Is Freedom   Listening to a recent Sounds True podcast interview with Heatherash Amara, my perception of challenge has been altered forever. Usually when the word “challenge” surfaces, I feel a tightness in my gut and clutching of breath. However, instead of viewing challenge as a setback, I’ve learned to look at places of possible difficulty with softer eyes and a curious heart, where freedom is the gift of emergence. We all have a variety of challenges in life. Money, health, relationships, career, family, the list is endless. Have you ever made a pie chart of your life and [...]

Yoga for a Healthy Heart

It was an honor to share the additional benefits of yoga with the California State Firemen's Association in the March edition of CFSA. Thank you! http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/csfa/csfayoga0312.htm   While physical exertion, attention to detail, and promoting safety are at the forefront of the job, over a period of time, these factors can create havoc on the body. Being exposed to consistent patterns of sporadic stress, physical signs and preventable symptoms will begin to show up in a place that it matters the most: the heart. Without healthy navigational tools to help manage body and mind health, there is greater potential for heart [...]

Not Inspired? Not a Problem.

Not Inspired? Not a problem. If the lofty buzz of January's new year resolution has worn off, and inspiration has fallen to the wayside, welcome to the unusual awakens that lack of inspiration offers. Like many others, I look for inspiration during the excitement of a New Year, but have also learned to search for inspiration elsewhere, at less monumental times of celebration. It's okay not to be inspired. It does not mean you are a bad person, are depressed or should live a life of shame. Many people have milked the inspirational well dry and have run out of [...]

From Dodgeball to Downward Dog…

Friends! Excited to share my voice as a Wanderlust writing contributor. Check out link and article below to thoughts about how yoga and public schools contributes to learning! http://wanderlust.com/journal/from-dodgeball-to-downward-dog/ It's no secret that lingering memories from high school, emotional wounds, and difficult decisions affect our paths toward adulthood. It's also no secret that yoga -and living a yogi lifestyle-can help to overcome the burdens of our past. If you had been given an opportunity to explore yoga as a teen, would anything be different in your current life today? For many of us, the answer is yes, and, as it [...]

Morning Sunrise Meditation

The days that I rise before the sun to find a seated practice are the days I feel awake, present, and truly aware of myself. With the amount of "to-do" lists, obligations, and responsibilities to myself and others, taking a few minutes each morning to help get clear has helped me work through the detours of life. If you have a few minutes, find a comfortable place to sit, either at home, outside, or in a place that gives you comfort. Enjoy! ?Live Free ~ Be Happy ~ Find Your Center ~

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  • January – February 2018 Mindfulness & Mindful Eating Workshop Info
  • 2018 Mindfulness Workshops & Classes

    2018 Mindfulness Workshops & Classes

    2018 Mindfulness Workshops and Classes I am excited to share the principles and practices of mindfulness with you! My focus of instruction is specifically on the study of stress reduction through the practice of mindfulness. I have participated in and completed the UMass Center for Mindfulness [...]

  • Yoga Nidra & Self Healing Workshop

    Yoga Nidra & Self Healing Workshop

    Give yourself the gift of experiencing deep conscious relaxation to offer balance and well-being into daily life. This practice will not only assist you in surviving the holiday season, but will help you thrive into the New Year! Yoga Nidra Studio A photo credit: [...]